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Do I have to create an account?

For Slime.com: No. You can check out as a guest if you do not want to create an account. But creating an account has many benefits, see below.

For IBD Connect: Yes. In order to access the IBD Connect website, you must have a verified account. Visit the IBD Connect log-in screen and select Sign-Up to start the account creation process.

What are the benefits of having an account?

With an account, you can more easily check the status of your order, track shipping, view past orders, process a return and securely store your payment methods.

I forgot my password, can you help?

To reset your password, please visit the account log-in screen and select the “I forgot my password” link. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-888-45-SLIME (1-888-457-5463) and we can help you reset your password.

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