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Flat Tire Repair Kits

What is a Flat Tire Repair Kit?

Many new cars on the market today do not come with a spare tire. They come with a Flat Tire Repair Kit. Flat tire repair kits are a quick and easy way to repair a flat tire in an emergency. They come with two important components: tire repair sealant and a tire inflator. In just a few simple steps, you insert the tire sealant and then air up the tire and get on your way.

What are the differences between the Slime flat tire repair kits?

New to the world of Flat Tire Repair Kits? Start here! Everything you need to know about flat tire repair kits, including videos, benefits, comparison charts, and more! Find the perfect Flat Tire Repair Kit for your vehicle type and your repair style.

Do you sell refills for your flat tire repair kits?

Yes, we sell refills for all of our various flat tire repair kits:

Can Slime be used to treat punctures in quiet tires?

We do not recommend installing Slime into quiet tires. The tread area of a quiet tire is coated with a layer of foam. If the sealant is installed, it will be instantly absorbed into the foam, rendering it unable to reach and treat the puncture. The sealant will also likely result in tire vibrations. Additionally, there is no way to remove the sealant from the foam and the tire will likely need to be replaced.

Can Slime be used to treat punctures in run flat tires?

We do not recommend installing Slime into run flat tires. Run flat tires are not designed for tire sealant as the run flat tire structure was specifically created to indicate a flat and still be safe to drive on for a short period of time. Additionally, some run flat tires have a foam insert to help support the run flat concept. If the tire does have the foam insert, sealant will be absorbed in the foam and will not reach the puncture hole.

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