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What is the warranty for Slime products?

Please view the Slime product warranty here.

Regarding tire pressure: What is the difference between PSI, BAR, and kPa?

Vehicle tire gauges, and many other types of pressure gauges, are zero-referenced to atmospheric pressure, which means that they measure the pressure above atmospheric pressure (which is around 1 BAR). The following key terms may be beneficial when dealing with your gauge:

What do I use the rubber cement in the reamer plugger kits for?

Rubber cement can be used (optionally) as a plug lubricant to aid with installation.

Plugs and plug kits warning

Slime Plug Kits are only suitable for emergency tire repairs to enable vehicles to be taken to a service center where proper repairs can be made to the tire. They are not intended for use for major tire damage. Radial ply tires may only be repaired in the tread area. No repairs are permitted on the bead, sidewall, or shoulder area of the tire. Extreme caution should be used while using tools to prevent injury. Eye protection should be worn while repairing tires. Use of this product could void tire warranty.

Is there any material or adhesion difference between the black tire plugs and brown tire plugs?

No, they are the same. The brown ones are easier to locate once installed into a tire because of the contrast in color.

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